Do shelter dogs really make good pets?

Adopting a shelter dog is a huge responsibility. Its basically like adopting a broken child, one that you need to make whole again, with unconditional love and care. Most people want nothing more than saving an old soul and giving it a life of comfort.

There are pros and cons with everything, likewise there are both good and bad sides of adopting a shelter dog.



With shelter dogs you have a whole lot of choices. You will only need to make some calls, fill forms and search the internet. You will find yourself the breed you want as your partner. Every breed trains different and has different characteristics. So, if you know a good deal about one particular breed than you should definitely stick with that. This is easily done with shelter dogs than pet store or puppy mill dogs.


Shelter dogs are hell bound on following you and making you happy. Which is great thing about dogs. Shelter dogs are more loyal then pet store dogs, who may have some attitude about them. Shelter dogs are always eager to please, they make sure that you know that they are utterly grateful to you for choosing them. It may take time to break old habits but when you do, you will have the best dog in the world at your disposal.


Shelter dogs are great, they are mostly mixed breed, cute looks and a whole lot funnier than pet store dogs. People seeing you with an adorable dog, that has been adopted, will make you the ultimate hero. Also, it may make people realize that dogs from shelters are pretty amazing. You might just start a trend in your neighborhood.


Shelter Dogs may appear sad and gloomy in shelters and pictures but this can change overnight and very easily once they find a new home. Dogs adapt easy to new environments. A good home can break bad habits, diminish and eliminate depression in an otherwise sad and gloomy dog.


With a shelter dog you don't have to worry about shots and infections. They take care of these details at the shelter, you will get a well-groomed dog with all his shots and infections taken care off when you adopt the dog.


Like shots, there is a big possibility that it’s already spayed/neutered, because that is the law. It’s mandatory that a dog is spayed and neutered before putting it up for adoption. So, that too, is taken care of.


Shelter dogs, come from broken homes or homes that can afford them. Nonetheless they come from homes, which means less training. This task has already been done for you. You just need to mold it the way you need. This is the best thing about shelter dogs that you don't need to train the much. Also, when you do need you teach them something, they learn it quick and easy.


It’s not all perfect, there are cons too. They are not pure breeds, so no show-stoppers. They may come sick and you might not know about it till its too late. Shelter dogs may have fatal diseases as well. You might be getting your self stuck in a nightmare by adopting a shelter dog. It is definitely a gamble. You might win or you might loss. There are no guarantees.

When you weigh all the pros and cons you, the pros win. Shelter dogs come with a lot of happiness, love and loyalty. They make great pets.

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