How does a locksmith to open a door?

The locksmith is a skilled worker in metal locksmithing. He is an expert in opening and closing systems of all kinds. The lock of a door can be mechanical or electronic. A closed door can be slammed, locked or not. The locksmith professional intervenes in several ways depending on the case that comes his way.

For a simple door

– If the door is slammed

Our Artisan Locksmith in Paris can apply the technique of radio to open. He places a radio sheet between the bolt and the strike. Once the membrane is well placed, he kicks the door to open it.

– If the door is locked

The locksmith uses a mat as appropriate to open the door . He can sometimes force her a little.

– In case the door is slammed without locking with a key in it

The locksmith uses the radio method to open it. Some doors will resist because of the key remaining inside. The professional pushes the key inside before opening the door.

– When the key has remained broken or stuck in the door

The craftsman uses a key extractor or dismantles the barrel to remove the rest of the key. In case of difficulty, he uses other means.

– For a door just slammed

The locksmith uses the so-called bypass method, which consists in unrolling the closure system directly to trigger the opening of the lock. Radiography is also a means used in these cases.

Case of an armored door and a digital device door

Armored doors are stronger and more complex than just doors. In the case where the armored door is:

– Slammed, the locksmith tries the radio and the bypass method. armored doors may, however, have a special mechanism that prevents opening. In the event of failure of the preceding methods, it can drill a well placed hole of less than one centimeter in diameter and directly operate the zipper with a wire.

– Locked, the locksmith uses proper techniques to play on the opening mechanism

For doors with an electronic locking device, the locksmith uses an appropriate program or intervenes on the opening circuits to unlock the door.

The method used by the locksmith depends on the type of doors and the problem to be treated on the door to open it.

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